Technology & Advertising Marketing Trends from 2006 to 2016

To the average consumer, advertising has been this natural progression of delivery and content, but as any marketer will tell you: the last decade of advertisement history has been rollercoaster ride of innovations.  We’ve gathered a few of the most noteworthy trends over the past 10 years to show just how much has changed.  Let us begin!

Getting Mobile Technology

No, we don’t mean those cars and trucks that drive around with sponsors painted all over them (although, that has been a noteworthy marketing trend in the past decade), we’re talking about the mobile phone boom.  The iPhone came out in 2007, it’s hard to believe it has been that long, and for advertisers, it opened up a new way we look at and experience ads.  Banner ads, video ads, audio ads, and even in-app ads that seamlessly integrate sponsors, it has all been a big boon for marketing.

The Price of Information

Marketing relies heavily on data and analytics to reach their target audiences.  Thanks to the help of a more connected and social internet culture, there are seemingly limitless opportunities to collect information on customers.  Either through third party providers or direct marketing techniques, advertisers are able to know more personalized info about behaviors than was ever possible before the age of the smartphone and high-speed internet.

Viral Marketing

Arguably the most exciting form of marketing that was borne out of the expanded access to the internet, viral marketing is what you get when people are constantly connected and consuming large amounts of information on a day-to-day, minute-by-minute basis.  If you are able to create a successful marketing campaign that is one part intimate knowledge of trends and another part highly technical execution of coordinated exposure, you might have obtained “viral” history of online advertising, but oftentimes the most prolific examples chalk up to dumb luck with unpredictable results in regards to business gains.

Streamlined Content

Gone are the days of long pitches and elaborate campaign ads, the evolution of advertising has arrived in the space of quicker, more succinct, and effective advertising.  This is necessary if you want to survive in the world of on-demand services, streaming content providers, and mobile screen spaces.

Advertising of old used to be about just the basic TV, print, radio, and internet banners, now it is all about website online marketing such as johnny chen advertising company here.  The Internet of Things is now the new normal, where you must get the best bang for the marketing dollar by considering whether you want to plug your brand in the ad-space of a high-tech fridge, the streaming Roku Box, Amazon’s echo, or that new self-driving car that is outfitted with a giant flatscreen display.  Not just devices are incorporated. Social profiles these days are also a heavy 800lb gorilla when it comes to eyeballs on the screen marketing.  Some of the most popular social marketing such as the Google Plus Page and Linkedin Page for business to business advertising.

Power of Younger Buyers

Kids have always been important purchasers for technology marketers to target, but over the last ten years, they’ve assumed more control over purchasing power than ever before, thanks to the proliferation of mobile and tablet devices.  Parents are still in-control of what their children buys, however, because of how easy it is to make purchases on app stores or via on-demand content providers, kids can make instant payments without needing through jump through old shopping hoops of physically dragging parents to stores and waiting in lines. Sources here from


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